Google search engines

Google search engines
Google search engines
The Wall Street Journal said in an investigation’s a giant. Google’s search engines secretly change the search results that appear on its pages. The newspaper explained that “Google” controls the emergence of certain results and hides others, pointing out that it uses “blacklists” which he denied existed. The investigation was based on personal experiences of journalists, and interviews with more than 100 Google employees and customers. 

One of the most remarkable findings of the investigation was that the giant engine modifies searches and enhances user access to major sites such as Facebook, Amazon, some giant companies and their top advertisers at the expense of smaller companies. 

The newspaper said that “Google” has what is known as blacklists, for sites that hide them and prevent their non-appearance from the first place to users. This contradicts one of its officials’ testimony before Congress in 2018 that the company does not identify blacklists or white lists of users.

Wall Street Journal report

Google search engines
Google search engines
The search engine giant has employees who determine the quality of the content, whether it’s good or bad according to their views, which means that search results appear based on their choices. An investigation indicated the Wall Street Journal reported that Google, which handles nearly three million and 800,000 searches per minute, has begun to change its algorithm increasingly this year compared to previous years, having experienced internal conflict over such interventions between its co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

 It is also remarkable that the newspaper revealed that “Google” received many requests from several countries, including the United States and Russia, wanted to remove sites and clicks related to them, on the grounds that these sites are considered to be contrary to its internal laws.

 The number of such sites reached more than half a million. In the face of all this information, Google “denied” the newspaper’s report, and its spokesperson confirmed that what the Wall Street Journal has done is just conclusions that have nothing to do with reality and that it maintains its policy that is transparent all the time.

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