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Aircraft electric
Aircraft electric

An Airbus-sponsored aircraft race on Sunday unveiled an electric sports plane, described as the first of its kind in the world, as the European aircraft manufacturer seeks to promote environmentally friendly aviation technology. Air ReisE announced that British-based Condor Aviation will manufacture the race plane. I’m called White Lightning.

 The plane is powered by an electric motor that enables it to fly at a speed of up to 482 kilometers per hour, in a five-kilometer track, only 10 meters above the ground. Race CEO Jeff Zalman said: “The race group will present an opportunity to test innovation and accelerate the pace of commercial electricity travel,” Reuters reported. 

The company said that lithium batteries installed under the hull will provide them with the energy needed to fly for five minutes, very quickly during the race, and about 10 minutes back up at low speed.

Aircraft electric racing 

The Air ReisE race aims to become the first race for electric aircraft in the world when it launches his first international competition in 2020. The names of the first eight teams are expected to be announced this week. To run his first race. 

Companies, including U.S. passenger services company Uber Technologies, are working to create electric “flying cars”, amid growing concerns about the environmental impact of fossil fuel-based air transport. Last month, Airbus’s rival Boeing announced a partnership with Volkswagen’s Porsche to develop a vision for an electric aircraft that can transport passengers in cities.

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