6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

Fitness specialists area unit is certain that you just will get in fine condition while not about to the gymnasium. and also the exercises that may be performed reception like plank, twists, and squats, area unit excellent for this. however they will solely look easy initially look — in truth, many folks do them wrong. And this will not solely have an effect on their effectiveness, however, it may cause health issues.

We at silver lining learned concerning some common mistakes folks create whereas playacting basic exercises. thus we tend to study the recommendation of fitness specialists and currently we all know a way to fix them. 

1. Plank

6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

The plank is one of the foremost effective basic exercises that have to interact with all body components. however, the improper performance of this exercise resets all its effectiveness and should cause issues with the spine.


  • The raising of the pelvis results in improper distribution of the load, which puts an excessive amount of pressure on the shoulders, inflicting pain within the neck.

  • Deflection within the lower back reduces the engagement of the ab muscles, harms the knees, and should cause pain within the body part space.
  • Improper head position: wanting up or to the aspect might cause cervical osteochondrosis.
6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

The right technique
  • Place your elbows right below your shoulder joints, relax your neck, and appearance down.
  • Your legs should be straight, and your striated muscle muscles ought to be engaged.
  • Your back ought to be straight, your abdomen ought to be tightened, and your hips ought to type a line along with your shoulders and heels.

2. Dips

6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

This is a basic exercise that works the striated muscle and therefore the higher a part of the body that’s appropriate for beginners due to the simplicity of the way to perform it. As a rule, tricep dips ought to be performed with the assistance of a bench or a chair, however, once a particular level of coaching, you’ll be able to additionally do dips from the ground.
  • If you extend your elbows to the perimeters, the shoulder joints are loaded rather than the striated muscle.
  • Rounding your back additionally overloads the shoulders and should result in injury.
6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

The right technique
  • Put your palms shoulder-width apart on the sting of a stable chair, stabilize your hips, and stretch your legs forward, resting your heels on the ground.
  • Slowly lower your body mistreatment the strength of your hands. At the ultimate purpose, your elbows ought to type a 90° angle. Then push the bench away together with your arms and come back to the beginning position.
  • Your back ought to be straight, and it ought to be settled as on the point of the chair as doable. Your elbows ought to be bent back and to not the perimeters.

3. Crunches

6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

To perform a crunch properly, you must lie on the ground and bend your knees at a 90° angle. And then, whereas partaking your ab muscles, you must swimmingly raise your shoulders off the ground. it’d look like there’s nothing a lot of straightforward than this exercise, however many of us still build some mistakes.

  • A wide vary of motion. If you elevate the body too high, the most load is. going to be on your hip muscles, and not on your ab muscles.
  • Bent neck. during this case, a part of the load gets transferred to the neck or hands, if you retain them behind your head and apply pressure to the rear of the pinnacle.
  • Securing the legs reduces the load on the ab muscles as a result of it engages the hip muscles.
6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

The right technique
  • Bend your knees at a 90° angle and press your lower back to the ground. Your hands are also crossed across the chest or placed behind the pinnacle.

  • Engage your ab muscles, swimmingly raise your shoulders 6-9 inches off the ground, and so slowly lie backpedal on the ground while not restful your muscles.

  • Keep your feet on the ground throughout the exercise and appearance straight ahead of you.

4. Push-ups (a lighter version)

6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

Studies show that a lighter version of push-ups engages identical targeted muscles, however, while not associate degree excessive load. It may be push-ups from the knees or the toes, however, you’ll additionally do them from the wall, a bench, or a sofa.
  • Deflection within the lower back can overload the spine.

  • The elbows are placed to the edges and match the letter “T” if you check up on them from the highest. during this position, the shoulders overwork, and also the striated muscle and chest work less.

6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

The right technique
  • Put your hands on the ground, the sofa, or a wall. Keep your body straight, sort of a string, and lower it as low as doable. Then rise swimmingly.

  • Your arms ought to be placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your fingers ought to purpose forward.

  • It’s excellent once your elbows are placed at a 45° angle toward your body.

5. Squats

6 Popular Exercises That Even Fitness Instructors Do Wrong

Everyone is aware that you just shouldn’t take your heels off the ground or hunch your back throughout squats, however, there are unit less obvious mistakes.
  • You don’t bend your knees within the direction of your toes, that will increase the load on your joints and involves the abducent muscles of the thighs less.

  • Your knees fall forward, on the far side of your toes. This reduces the load on your buttocks and may cause pain.

  • Some folks raise their heads throughout squats. You don’t have to be compelled to do this: it ruins the balance and technique, and may additionally cause lower back and neck pain.

The right technique
  • The back ought to be straight, you must look ahead of you, and your feet ought to be flat on the ground throughout the exercise.

  • Your knees shouldn’t transcend your toes. to boost your technique, deem lowering your buttocks instead of bending your legs.

  • The patella ought to face an equivalent direction because of the toes.

  • The squat ought to be performed swimmingly, while not jerking.

A lot depends on the depth of the squat and therefore the dimension of the legs’ position.
  • It’s correct to squat till the hips area unit parallels to the ground. With incomplete squats, the thigh muscles area unit poorly engaged, and with squats that area unit too deep, the knees get overladen.

  • The wider apart you place your legs, the additional you load the muscles of the inner thighs and therefore the buttocks.

6. Lunges

If you perform them right, lunges work glutes and quad muscles within the same approach as squats and deadlifts.
  • The knee of the front leg goes on the far side of the toe line. This results in the uneven distribution of the load and also the engagement of the front part of the thigh, preventing the buttocks from operating.

  • The body falls forward, which unnecessarily masses the knee of the supporting leg and ruins your balance.

The right technique
  • Take an enormous success, transferring your weight to the front leg. Keep your body straight.

  • Lower down till the thigh of the supporting leg is parallel to the ground. each leg ought to kind a 90° angle between the thigh and therefore the lower leg.

  • It is necessary that the knee doesn’t transcend the toes.

  • Return to the beginning position by pushing yourself up with the heel of the supporting leg.

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