Learn Sign Language: To translate any phrase into sign language Deaf Alphabet

Sign language is a non-vocal means of expression. It is not only used by the hard of hearing as you would expect but it is used in other areas such as communication between divers underwater, communication between soldiers during raids, etc.

Learn Sign Language: To translate any phrase into sign language Deaf Alphabet
Learn Sign Language

It depends on the different hand movements that both parties understand. The right tools can be learned in an easier way, so in this post, we will learn about a free service that will help you a lot in learning and communicating with that language.

Deaf Alphabet is completely free and will facilitate communication with hard-of-hearing people by allowing us to translate words into sign language with illustrations in real-time.

 Enter the site from the link at the bottom of the post and log in and then you can start translating any text into sign language within seconds.

Enter the word or phrase you want in the text field in the center of the screen to be converted after moments into sign language from right to left as in the picture

How to learn sign language for beginners

The site makes it possible to download the created bookmarks as a high-quality print image from the option to download the message. 

Deaf Alphabet  Service

How to learn sign language app

The tool is a new and wonderful experience that will make you able to communicate in sign language and help the hearing impaired with ease.

Addendum: SignSchool has a SignBuilder feature that shows random signals to train sign language vocabulary comprehension.

SignSchool App


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