Surely you will have passed a day from this stage that you liked the shape of the writing and wanted the name of the font written in it.

especially in the field of design where you want to include a font in your design but do not want to know the name to download it; So if you are that type, this article is for you.

The best sites to download  English fonts that you need in the design easily

Are you looking for a font you like? Here are the top 3 sites to find and download it

1- Fontsquirrel

I put it in the foreground because I find it more convenient for everyone because in case you don’t find the name of the font you are looking for, it will give you many similar fonts, so I recommend it to everyone.


2- MyFonts

A site that is very similar to the previous site, or we can say that it is identical to it in all characteristics, so it cannot be compared, as it is similar in all tools, so you can benefit from both


3- 1001fonts

You can use this site to get fonts for free because the above sites only allow you to buy the technology, so what you have to do is find the name and search in this site and you will find it for free and there are also great fonts in that you can browse to explore on your own.


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