Antivirus programs for Windows do not have to be installed

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When it comes to protecting our computer with Microsoft’s proprietary operating system, we have many options. The first is to bet Windows Defender or any other good antivirus for Windows 10. In all cases, there are programs that are not recommended, and in the case of an antivirus, these are the antivirus programs for Windows 10 that you should not install.

Once again, we relied on the comprehensive analysis published by AV-Test, the German security company that has been studying the behavior of these security programs for several weeks with the most serious threats at the moment. This allowed them to present results for programs that are not recommended to rely on and on which they should rely.

As always, this company rates antivirus software based on three aspects such as protection, performance, and ease of use. A maximum of 6 points can be obtained in each division, for a total of 18 points. Therefore, there are programs that did not achieve this number, and you should not rely on them, and they are as in the picture

That is, six of the analyzed programs did not achieve this 18-point rating. The worst-rated antivirus is PC Matic, which provides the least protection. Not far away is VIPRE Security AdvancedSecurity or the Microworld eScan internet security suite. In the case of PC Matic, it does not consent to usability by prohibiting certain actions while installing and using legitimate software.

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