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Healthy snacks recipes: One Ingredient Ice Cream

Did you recognize you’ll be able to create a delicious raw vegetarian frozen dessert from only 1 ingredient? Not during a “one ingredient diet” sense of mixing multiple whole-ingredient foods, but really, only 1 ingredient. are you able to guess what it is?

Healthy, one ingredient banana ice cream! The formula is as straightforward because the ingredient list: all you have got to try to do is peel and freeze some ripe bananas, then mix them during a kitchen appliance. You’ll find yourself with a sweet, gooey, creamy, dessert that appears one thing like this…

With only 1 ingredient and a kitchen appliance, you’ll be able to go from the primary image to the second in about thirty seconds. It’s quite charming, actually.

Step One

Take 4-5 ripe bananas (a lot of ripe the higher – they must have a minimum of a couple of brown spots), peel them, and increase a plastic fridge bag to freeze night long till they’re utterly solid. they’ll keep for a minimum of per week.

Actually, I forever have bananas in my fridge and you ought to too! You ne’er grasp once the inspiration for one ingredient frozen dessert can strike, and they’re additionally a necessity for with reference to any sensible smoothie. There’s nothing worse than needing to create a brilliant kale shake and realizing you have got no frozen bananas!

Healthy snacks recipes: One Ingredient Ice Cream

Step Two

Cut the bananas into 1/2 in. chunks and add them to a kitchen appliance. See the banana items within the image above? They approach too massive and that they merely caught within the blades and spun around till I got good and cut them smaller. Save yourself the trouble: use tiny banana chunks.

After concerning 45-60 seconds, the bananas ought to be totally homogenized into a swish, creamy, and lightweight dessert. take care to not overprocess or the friction from the processor can begin to soften the frozen dessert. you’ll be able to relish this course promptly for the most effective results, however, it’ll additionally freeze well for each day or 2.

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