Coronavirus : Scientists discover an unexpected benefit for the "Corona" virus

Scientists from the University of Arizona revealed an unexpected benefit for the “Corona” virus.

Where they announced the ability of the virus to reduce pain in patients; According to scientists, this benefit explains why some infected people do not show symptoms, but at the same time they spread the infection.

The scientists indicated that the effect of the pain reliever is related to the presence of the “S” protein, which is responsible for the entry of the “Corona” virus into the body. Adding that the protein’s ability to block the transmission of important pain-related signals is due to the fact that the “S” protein contacts the ACE2 receptors, in addition to the membrane receptors and membrane proteins found in nerve cells.

The scientists added that the membrane receptors interact with the vascular endothelial growth factor “A”, and it plays a major role in the development of blood vessels, and it is also associated with rheumatoid arthritis and some types of tumors, and in this case, the nerve cells are very excited, so the feeling of pain appears, according to the journal ” pain “scientific.

In the future, scientists plan to conduct a study on the use of membrane receptors for pain relief, as this will lead to the use of non-opioid drugs.

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