A doctor determines a way to prevent the development of Covid 19

 Galina Goltzman, an infectious disease doctor and head of the treatment department at the Israeli “Shamir Assaf” hospital, says that patients with COVID 19 need to monitor the level of oxygen saturation in their blood, even in the absence of severe symptoms, so that they do not miss signs of severe disease development.

It is very important not to miss the development of hypoxia, which sometimes begins without symptoms. To do this, the doctor recommends that you purchase a “pulse oximeter”, which is a special device that measures saturation (oxygen saturation in the blood).

The doctor said: “Because of the existence of such a phenomenon, which is called in medicine,“ happy hypoxia ”, when the patient does not notice a decrease in saturation, and feels comfortable at the same time, if the saturation drops to less than 94, even with normal health, it is necessary to go To the hospital…”.

 In the case of mild symptoms, the doctor advises to treat the disease like regular flu, keep calm, drink a warm drink, and, if necessary, an antipyretic that depends on paracetamol. At the same time, the doctor strongly recommends that a Coronavirus test be performed as soon as possible and the patient should be isolated when the first symptoms of the disease appear, coughing, high fever and loss of smell.

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