PS4 | PlayStation 4 users are having difficulties signing into YouTube

PlayStation 4 users have a hard time signing in to YouTube as the video hosting site displays error codes when users try to sign in.
People on Twitter, as well as on Google’s support forums, say that their video game console displays error code NP-37602-8.
It is not clear what that code refers to.
Google Trend data for people searching for the error code suggests that the problem started at around 7 a.m. UK time, and has continued since then.
An official PlayStation support page where users can search for solutions to technical problems does not provide results for the code, only the message: “We could not find a matching error. Please check and try again.”
The error causes users to sign out of their YouTube accounts when they try to sign in, with no way to sign in again.
The problem doesn’t seem to have affected the app on Sony’s PlayStation 3. It also doesn’t seem to have affected Microsoft’s Xbox One console.
This is not the first time the error code has appeared. The 2017 and 2016 forums show users who are experiencing similar problems, but those posts do not contain tips for solving the problem.
We have contacted YouTube and Sony for clarification.

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