Download Shareit old version without ads

Download Shareit old version without ads
Shareit old version 

Download Share It Old Version for PC Windows (XP, 7, 8.1, 8, 10)…

SHAREit is a program for sharing and transferring files very quickly using Wi-Fi connections. You can transfer files, images, videos, programs, etc.
SHAREit is not only about sharing files on Android, but also from your computer.
Can you transfer files from your computer or vice versa with SHAREit?
  Yes, you can and therefore I gave you all the details on this article

Download SHAREit for PC old version.

SHAREit program after its release was the first version of the most wonderful because it brought supernatural features but after many recent updates have become a program of SHAREit has a set of problems, so I will give you the old version with supernatural features. One of the features of this version is that it creates direct wireless connectivity with up to five devices such as a small network. Thus, files can be exchanged quickly and wirelessly.

Download SHAREit old version for Android without ads:

SHAREit for Android is among the most used programs in the world and this fame gained at the beginning. The SHAREit program was very nice, with no ads, no annoying options, but unfortunately after the development of the app people started looking for a solution to those annoying ads, so I thought today to offer you the program SHAREit without annoying ads and nothing.

Download SHAREit old version for PC

Download SHAREit old version for Android

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